This is Zig. Collaboration for the creative.

My favourite part about Zig is the community or expanded network aspect to it. I can reach out in real time to freelancers I need on a project- it's like having LinkedIn or Behance tapped directly into my project.

Renée M, Production Manager

What’s a Zig?
Production tools for the creative process.

Zig is collaboration software that’s designed to fit the workflow of the modern creative shop. It allows you to assemble teams from anyone on the network, plan roadmaps, stay in touch with everyone, and keep things on track.

Plan project roadmaps with dependencies and task hierarchies.
Message with people, groups. Tasks and projects have messaging channels.


Go outside the walls of your company and invite anyone on Zig to join your project.
Add budgets and due dates and Zig will help you keep your priorities in check.
Zig is not enterprise software.
Built for the creative community.
Creative work is different. It’s often collaborative across companies, not just within them. Freelancers and contractors work with mixed teams across multiple projects. That’s why we made Zig a community, not an enterprise app. Using Zig you can work seamlessly with other teams, freelancers, and clients.
Explore the world through collections of beautiful stock photos.
Simplicity doesn’t have to mean simplification.

Zig has the features required for professional production. From roadmaps to estimates, task priorities and time tracking.

Find talented collaborators on the Zig directory. Search by skill, location, or name.
Schedule tasks and easily compare schedules across projects.
Realtime messaging channels with link embedding to share images, sounds and video.
Create groups within projects to add specific team channels.


Zig is realtime, so it should be available in your pocket. Apps coming soon!
File Sharing
Share files to Zig tasks and projects from Dropbox and Google Drive.
Portfolio Links
Share your work history and portfolios via your personal profile on Zig.
Busy? Let people know when you’ll be ready to work again.

Time Tracking

Log time in tasks and track against budgets.
Data in child tasks is aggregated to parents and projects.


Tasks and projects a colour coded based on due dates and budgets. Red is bad.
Choose how people see you on the network. Share or hide profile, photo, location.
Link tasks so that everyone knows what needs to happen and who’s on it.
Smart Filtering
Views show only what you need – tasks, dependencies and assignments.
See major project news like project invites, task updates and new connections.
Personal Stuff
Schedule your life and work in one place to keep things tidy.
We’re heading into Beta!

Beta sign up is closed.

Thanks to everyone that signed up. We may open more spots soon but for now we have a good list of great companies and talented freelancers. That said, please sign up for the latest news. The full release is on it’s way!