Zig helps your team get things done.

Zig is the only teamwork platform designed to help internal teams work with outside contractors, partners and clients.

Zig works for the whole team.

Better for Managers

For project leaders Zig provides a single hub for team management, scheduling and communication.

Better for Teams

Partners and subcontractors can keep track of schedules across multiple projects.

Better for Clients

Keep an open line of communication with your clients with private chat. 

Set schedules and targets for employees and subcontractors.

Zig’s unified interface gives you one source of truth for all of your projects. Each project schedule is only visible to members, so your partners can manage their own schedules withautomatic privacy.


Track tasks and stay on top of progress.

Zig offers complete task management, with status, dependencies, task trees, and prioritized lists. With Zig everyone gets a personalized look at the project from their point of view, so everyone knows what they need to get done.


Keep your team connected in real time.

When you have a team that includes partners and subcontractors you might not have everyones email or phone number. Zig allows you to message everyone on the team so updates and changes are known immediately.

Zig is in Open Beta

Join great creative company and help us help you at the same time.