Zoho Connect Review 2019

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Collaboration, Project Management, Task management


April, 2019

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Zoho Connect is an enterprise social collaboration platform. If you’re trying to get your company on the same page Zoho Connect is worth a look.

Slack really cracked open the workplace collaboration market, and a number of companies have followed their lead.

Among the biggest and the best is Zoho. Back in the day Zoho was less than perfect, but affordable. Now Zoho is cranking out smart, usable, connected tools for business.

Zoho Connect is their latest offering. How does it hold up?


Slack, Meet Facebook

The main UX of Zoho Connect feels like a hybrid of Slack and Facebook. You have feeds, but you also have channels. People can create articles, texts, forums…pretty much any communication platform you can think of.

That familiarity makes it easy for everyone in your company to pick up. It’s like social tools they’ve used before, just tailored to business.



Managing Tasks

Zoho Connect allows you to manage tasks. From our point of view these work best at a higher, or department level, where things can then be broken down at the team level.

That said, for companies that need simple task management, or a way to monitor larger milestones, Zoho Connect can serve the purpose. 


Managing Teams

You can invite people from your company, create groups, and include people on projects.

Zoho Connect is meant to be used within a company, so it’s probably best for companies that are a bit larger and manage their growth better. For companies that do service work, or employ freelancers, it may not be a perfect solution.

Setting Up

Setting up your team is a bit harder than it might be for other applications, but that’s expected with social apps. It’s important to break down your teams and plan an implementation structure so everyone can get on board. 

Pros and Cons

The good:

  • Great interface
  • Direct message and group chat
  • Feeds and forums 

The no-so-good:

  • Difficult to set up
  • Complaints regarding support
  • Limited to your company. Hard to integrate others.



Zig is in Open Beta

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