Zig makes life easier for producers and project managers.
It’s good to be flexible.
Zig is flexible enough to handle any creative workflow, from interactive development to design to event planning. If you manage unique projects and specialized teams Zig is designed for you.
Network on Zig’s directory.
Tap into a community of talent for any project.
Today’s creative shop is constantly moving between new production demands, technologies and channels. Augment your team with specialized talent on Zig’s network and meet any challenge.

Group messaging.

Stay in touch in realtime.
Just about everything in Zig has a channel. You can post specs to the project channel, dig into the details of tasks, and chat with anyone on the team. You can create groups for departments or topics and get everyone on the team involved.

Multiproject scheduling.

Track it all in one view.
Zig brings all your project data into one view. You can easily see scheduling conflicts, keep an eye on issues, and make adjustments while balancing all the needs of your studio.
We’re heading into Beta!

Beta sign up is closed.

Thanks to everyone that signed up. We may open more spots soon but for now we have a good list of great companies and talented freelancers. That said, please sign up for the latest news. The full release is on it’s way!

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