Zig brings teams together, even when they aren’t physically together.
See everything from your point of view.

Zig is not built around organizations. It’s built around individuals. It shows the connection of people to their tasks, team members, and projects.

User-centric workflow.
Work with your team in context.
Zig allows everyone to manage their own time by giving them the information they need to make good decisions. Tasks are presented with budgets, due dates and dependency information so that team members can track the information that matters to them.
Priority sorting.
Keep your priorities straight.

Zig sorts and color codes tasks and projects so you can easily see what might need attention. Deal with things in order and you know everything is on track.

Team messaging.
Stay connected.
Keep in touch with your team with realtime messaging. Chat with people or groups to share ideas, iterate, or spitball new concepts. Channels allow users to share links to any media including video and audio files.
We’re heading into Beta!

Beta sign up is closed.

Thanks to everyone that signed up. We may open more spots soon but for now we have a good list of great companies and talented freelancers. That said, please sign up for the latest news. The full release is on it’s way!

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