Zig helps contractors be team members.

Talented people should work on great projects.

Zig is designed to connect producers on high-end projects with the kind of specialized talent that delivers great work. No matter where you live, if you’re great at what you do you should be part of great teams.

Connect with the Zig network.
Find great projects, join great teams.
Zig helps talented people find great projects. You can add your profile and share your work. You have complete control over what other users can see, from avatars to availability.
Multiproject view.
Many clients, one view.
Zig can show you all your tasks and projects in one view, giving you a simple dashboard to manage all of your work. Tasks are filtered to show only what you need to know, keeping everything tidy and relevant.
Workflow that fits.
Freelancing that’s free.

Zig isn’t a marketplace, it’s a community. We won’t charge producers to find talent, and we won’t take a cut from the pay for freelancers and contractors. Zig doesn’t handle contracts or process payment, so your business stays your business.

We're in Beta!

Get early access.

Want to see what Zig is all about for yourself?  Join our beta list and we'll be in touch to arrange early access. Your input is invaluable, so we hope to hear from you.

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